Am I a perfect candidate for clear aligners?

A fortunate set of teeth represents a radiant smile!

A smile is the first noticeable thing on a human face. But what if you’re not able to smile or express joy in its purest form just because the shape of your teeth is not right?

Sounds sad, right? Say no more. Thanks to the modern-day clear aligners for teeth that help you reshape their alignment with zero hassles.

At Smile Correct, we provide removable braces that are made of Scheu material, so they are more comfortable and easier to put on and take off. Our expert and senior orthodontists take note of your requirements, analyse your teeth using a 3D Trios scanner and plan your treatment accordingly.

Now, what are clear aligners and why should you be choosing them?

When it comes to choosing the type of aligners for teeth, you have two options: the traditional stilt metal braces and the modern-day clear aligners/removable braces.

The clear aligners are easy-to-use and require less effort. They’re more of clear and transparent trays with impressions of your teeth. One major benefit clear aligners provide is that you need not visit your doctor now and then for getting them changed.

Contradicting, the old traditional metal braces can be more painful, take up more effort, and can cause pain.

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How to decide if I am a perfect candidate for clear aligners?

Clear Aligners for teeth

While unevenly shaped teeth can be one of the reasons or factors to consider, we’d like you to go through the below factors as well:

  1. Uneven alignment:
  • You have developed alignment issues like crooked teeth, crowded teeth, gapped or spaced teeth, an overbite, open bite, underbite, or cross-bite.
  • An overbite, open bite, underbite may cause pain while eating or chewing food.
  1. Failure of previous treatment:
  • If you had a teeth alignment procedure done before using metal braces, there are lesser yet possible chances of your teeth shifting back to their original misaligned position.
  • Such cases can be treated easily with clear aligners.
  • In most cases, people started wearing retainers in their teenage and got them removed after a certain period.
  1. Other orthodontic conditions:
  • You are dealing with other orthodontic problems and might want to consult your doctor before getting aligners for teeth.

How do clear aligners work?

After consultation when you’re about to get aligners for your teeth, we divide the end goal into a step-by-step treatment procedure. First, the shape of your teeth is analysed, and then the next steps are decided accordingly.

You will be provided with a set of removable braces, each with a different impression to achieve the desired results.

At Smile Correct, we use a hi-tech 3D printer that converts your digital impression into 3D models which are then studied by experts, and we make aligners with German technology.

Are you eligible for clear aligners?

First, book a consultation with your doctor. Then, he/she will check the orthodontic issues you are dealing with. While clear aligners can fix crooked teeth, underbite, cross-bite, they may not be suitable for severe cases. Age is a second factor. Since teenage is the age that deals with growing teeth, young people may not be suitable for getting these removable braces.

For further more knowledge, you can book a consultation at Smile Correct today and get that desired radiant smile right away!

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